The World Equestrian Games

Well today ends my amazing stay at the 2018 World Equestrian Games hosted by the Tryon Equestrian Center in North Carolina. It has been an amazing experience! Horse lovers and equestrians gathered from around the world to celebrate these beautiful animals that we all adore. I really admire Tryon for how much they accomplished in putting these games together, most venues have 4 years to prepare for something like this and Tryon did it all in 18 months. They stepped up after the original venue backed out and I personally think they did an amazing job!! Below are some of my favorite pictures from my week here.

Being here has really reminded me why I love these animals so much, it was a much needed break from life and tomorrow I will go back to New York with a renewed fire in my heart as I make plans for the future of all of my equines! Shows for noodle, gymkhana training for Albus, trail rides with Goose and getting Penny going back on the lunge line. Lots of good things coming up in the future… I’m not going to say too much I don’t want to jinx anything, but look for a big announcement from me in the next couple of months!!!


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