The WEG = Inspiration

Well I’m here, in the Carolina’s for the freaking World Equestrian Games. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that not only am I here, but I’m here for a whole week, and as a volunteer I get an access pass to like all outdoor events at the WEG with no ticket, it’s kind of surreal. Tomorrow I’m going to walk the cross country course and then watch day 2 of the eventing dressage. Y’all know that eventing is my passion it’s the #1 thing I want to see while I’m here. On Saturday I’ll be out all day watching cross country! And Sunday-Wednesday I will be volunteering as a greeter at the US Trust Arena (Come visit me if you’re here!!)

Being here has really been an inspiration to me, all of these amazing equestrians around the world gathering here to compete. Over 2000 horse loving volunteers giving their time to make this event truly amazing. It’s an incredible atmosphere to be surrounded by the best equestrian athletes and products in the world. But it’s all also made me realize that it’s really time to step up my own game riding wise. I have all of these plans for myself and my Noodle and I’ve barely been on his back more then 5 times in the last month. I keep making excuses, it’s too hot, I’m too busy… but the reality is I think I’ve just been plain depressed and this whole experience so far has made me realize that riding my horse and working toward our goals together is the exact thing that I need to stop being depressed and to start feeling better.

While I’m gone my amazing trainer is schooling my Noodle for me, she’s going to take him out on the trails next week and we’re going to start working toward a great goal of Hunter Pacing at the end of October. I also plan on showing him at 2 local charity shows to benefit horse rescue, one is September 30 (Just 10 days after I get home from North Carolina, Yikes!) and the other is October 6. Right now my biggest goal with Noodle is to get comfortable cantering full courses. My anxiety still rears its ugly head sometimes and trotting jumps is a safe space for me, one that I need to move past. Cantering jumps needs to be my new safe space if I ever want to ride over a real cross country course!

My fiance, Ollie, challenged me to write a new entry in this blog every day that I’m down here in the Carolina’s, he said if I do that blogging will soon become second nature to me and that I’ll get a lot better at not forgetting to do it! Haha! Challenge Accepted!! I will see all you lovely people tomorrow night! It’s sleep time for me, 7am and a much needed breakfast trip to the Waffle House will come fast! Much Love ❤

One of the jumps on the XC course! Many more photos to come tomorrow when I walk the whole damn thing! 

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