Moving on… Bigger and Better Things Await

I know I haven’t updated this blog since Feb. and sooooo much has happened since then but I’m hoping I can find the time to write down all of my thoughts from here on out. I feel like exciting things are finally on the way for me and I really want to chronicle all of it. These past 2 months have been messy to say the least, I had a huge falling out with the last barn I boarded at when they decided to starve my horses. Jackson, Penny and Gus are all doing well now, they’ve picked up weight and are moving in a positive direction. Albus isn’t coming along as quickly. He’s slower to pick up weight, probably because he has ulcers on top of being starved, and he’s just not the same sweet happy horse he used to be. He was not treated well before I bought him, his chest and nose are covered in whip scars, and I’m sure hes carrying around a lot of emotional scars as well. I don’t think he’s felt this crappy since those days and I think it’s triggering some bad memories. I know I can get him back to where he used to be and that it’s just going to take some time but its still heartbreaking…. Albus is my heart and I hate to see him hurting.


In other news I’ve gotten an AMAZING job at a local hunter/jumper farm. They go to all of the ‘A’ Rated shows and have some extremely expensive high class horses. Now only is it a wonderful opportunity working there, but I also get to go to the shows (Last week I saw Mclain Ward and Beezie Madden! It’s those kind of shows), experience that life and hopefully after a year of training with my new horse and my new boss I’ll be ready to show at that level too! It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do!!

Speaking of new horse. She’s not mine just yet and I don’t really want to jinx anything because she still has to pass her PPE, but she’s fabulous!! She’s a 7 year old paint/draft cross, 17+ hands and I felt so comfortable on her! I have horrible anxiety in the saddle sometimes, especially on new horses, but I got on her and just felt at home. I walked, trotted and cantered her in a field my first time on her and even popped her over a small log a couple of times. It just felt so natural to be on her! I’m hoping IF it works out ***No Jinxing*** I’ll have her ready to do the baby greens at HITS by the end of the summer, and of course lots of hunter pacing this fall. So once she’s permanent or I find the right horse (if she fails the PPE) I will begin updating this even more regularly to chronicle our journey.



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