Ups, Downs and Mare Attitudes

Well any horse person knows that mares will be mares. One day they are your perfect unicorn and the next it’s like the devil stuck his pitchfork up their ass. Sometimes it’s hormonal, other times they just plain don’t want to cooperate, they may be barn sour, buddy sour, it’s a full moon or their zodiac sign is in Mercury instead of Venus. Whatever the reason, mare temper tantrums can be a pain in the butt to deal with.

My Rayna had the moodiest of all moody days yesterday. I have never seen anything like it come out of her. Every time I asked her to go forward she pinned her ears and spun around trying to take me back to the gate. When I wouldn’t let her go she would pin her ears and buck. I got off of her and lunged her and she lunged just fine so my mind thought maybe she was having a pain response that was making her act that way. I gave her benefit of the doubt. The vet was coming out today anyway to do hock injections on my mare Penny so I had her check Rayna out, no pain response anywhere. Which means she was just in an extra extreme mare mood.

Tomorrow I’m going to put her western tack on, then I’ll have a little more underneath me when I’m on her and I can get after her a lot more. I’m hoping she’s just in season or she’s reacting to the impending snow storm. If she continues with this behavior I’ll have her looked at again a little closer

Oh and I whole time I was riding miss Rayna yesterday, Albus was staring at me. I was in so much trouble with him.

The Big Princess in her new Equiccessories Browband

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