Albus, Come Back Here!

When I got Albus he was a bit of a mess. I have never met a horse that had itself so closed off from the world. He had whip scars on his nose and chest, he would tremble at the sound of a whip, and it was clear by the look in his eyes that he had no trust left in him, He was done. It look a lot of hours and a lot of patience to turn him into the happy goofy horse that he is today, and he still has moments where he momentarily reverts back to the scared ex carriage horse that came off the trailer that hot day in July. I’ve made it a habit to spend some sort of time with him almost every single day. He actually sulks or throws a temper tantrum when I don’t see him enough.

Well over the last couple of weeks the weather has been really crappy and I have been very busy with the new rescue horse. Well I haven’t been doing much with Albus at all. And today he let me know that he was not happy with me. He has always been easy to catch, even out in a big field, but today he just kept running away from me. I finally got fed up and yelled “Ok I get the picture, I’m sorry I haven’t been spending enough time with you, I promise I’ll make it up to you” and wouldn’t you know that horse stopped, looked at me and then let me catch him nice as you please. No joke.

I really think that’s just more proof that they know things, and feel more then we could ever imagine. Though he did give me one more reminder that he demands my respect when I went to get on him. I was nervous about mounting, as I tend to be for no reason, I put a foot in the stirrup and started to jump and off he walked with me leaning over his back, I jumped down and walked him back to the mounting block. I looked at him and he looked and me and I know, I just know, he was asking me to trust him and not be nervous about getting on. So I just jumped on no hesitation and he was perfect.

On march 3rd I’m taking him to a Sam Griffiths eventing clinc, and I’m super nervous but also super excited. I know we’re going to learn so much and sam griffiths is one of my all time favorite eventers. I foresee amazing things this year for Al and I, and I absolutely cannot wait!!



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