Yes, I Have Other Horses

So I created this blog to really document my journey toward eventing with 2 of my horses. After publishing my first post yesterday I had people ask me “What about your other horses?” because, yes, beyond Albus and Rayna I have 3 other horses. I won’t be talking about them quite as much on her because they aren’t my primary show/riding horses. But I will introduce them and mention them occasionally.

Penny is a 21 year old appendix quarter horse mare. I have had her for 2 and a half years. Her job these days is as a lesson horse in my lesson program. She’s an amazing lesson horse and teaches the person riding her as much as I do. I ride her sometimes and show her in pleasure classes occasionally just for fun.


Jackson is a 20 year old thoroughbred. As a plus sized rider I feel he is a bit small for me and rarely get on him. He’s also a great lesson horse, a little quirky, but safe and smart under saddle. A friend of mine who exercises my horses weekly in exchange for lessons, rides him the most and will be showing him through this coming season. I think they are going to do fabulous together.


King is the newest addition. I rescued him from the Chambers and Sons horse auction in Unadilla NY a week and a half ago. He had a terrible infection in his leg and I bought him knowing I may have to just bring him home and put him down. He is a 19 year old 19+ hand Belgian draft horse. I’m hoping one day we’ll be able to ride him around bareback but for now we’re just concentrating on getting him healthy again.


So, yes, this blog is primarily about my journey into the world of eventing with Al and Rayna, but my other equines are not forgotten and will be mentioned occasionally.


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