Another Blog I May or May Not Keep Up With

I decided that I needed a new blog on a new platform other then blogger. Blogger is ok but I feel like maybe it’s not the most professional and I really just like the options, layout and feel of word press a lot more. So this is a new blog. Am I going to keep up with it? I give it a 50/50 chance honestly. I am going to try though. I’m taking a bit of  a different approach with this blog too. I want it to kind of chronicle my journey as I strive to reach my goal of eventing with maybe not the most conventional horses for the sport.

Albus – 17 year old Percheron cross. Ex carriage horse. Time owned: 8 months. Has very limited knowledge of cantering and jumping


Rayna – 17 year old Clydesdale mare. Was a broodmare for the Amish until she was 13. Time owned: 3 Years and 4 Months. Has been in inconsistent work. Hates water. Has jumped up to 2ft.


On top of my unconventional horses, I’m a bit of an unconventional rider. At 6′ and over 260lbs I don’t necessarily fit into the mold of what an equestrian should look like. And thoughout my life I’ve been on the sharp end of weight shaming from other equestrians, even ones I trusted like former trainers and friends. But I have grown stronger because of it. Am I taking steps to be healthier and in better shape? You bet I am. Am I ashamed of who I am and the way I look? Absolutely not!

I would like to invite as many people as I can on this journey with me. I’ll post the good and the bad. Riding tips, challenges, weight loss info and lessons learned both on and off of the horse. So saddle up with me and lets start on our journey toward the cross country course and over the oxers ❤


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