The World Equestrian Games

Well today ends my amazing stay at the 2018 World Equestrian Games hosted by the Tryon Equestrian Center in North Carolina. It has been an amazing experience! Horse lovers and equestrians gathered from around the world to celebrate these beautiful animals that we all adore. I really admire Tryon for how much they accomplished in putting these games together, most venues have 4 years to … Continue reading The World Equestrian Games

She Probably Broke That Horses Spine

That is what someone commented on a photo that I posted on Instagram. A beautiful photo of my new horse and I at our first show. In the photo I’m sitting on Noodle and he has many blue ribbons displayed on his bridle. He ears are pricked, I am smiling and we clearly fit each other just fine. Now why on earth did that person … Continue reading She Probably Broke That Horses Spine

Band-aids Don’t Fix Bullet Holes

I have always been a big girl, I have always loves horses. Those 2 things, especially when I was younger, don’t necessarily go together. There has always been prejudice against plus sized riders, and even though its not as bad as it once was (at least in the USA, I feel its far worse in Europe)  I believe that prejudice will always exist on some … Continue reading Band-aids Don’t Fix Bullet Holes

Ups, Downs and Mare Attitudes

Well any horse person knows that mares will be mares. One day they are your perfect unicorn and the next it’s like the devil stuck his pitchfork up their ass. Sometimes it’s hormonal, other times they just plain don’t want to cooperate, they may be barn sour, buddy sour, it’s a full moon or their zodiac sign is in Mercury instead of Venus. Whatever the … Continue reading Ups, Downs and Mare Attitudes